Ultra, a video gaming entertainment platform which bridges the gap between web2 and web3 PC gaming, launched Ultra Games, its next-generation games store for PC games and web3 PC titles. 

Ultra Games aims to solve existing challenges in PC gaming with a more Web3-powered approach that reduces fees and creates new revenue streams for developers, enables genuine ownership for players, and offers unique community-building and engagement features. Encompassing a storefront, curated library and powerful launcher, Ultra Games launches with an extensive catalogue of games including web3 titles Cards of Ethernity, Cross the Ages, and MARS4, and much-loved PC games and gaming series such as Lords of the Fallen, The Walking Dead Definitive Series, WRC7, the Syberia series, and the Beholder series. The platform has been rigorously beta tested with a passionate community of more than 1,000 gamers worldwide.

Ultra Games is part of the wider Ultra gaming ecosystem which includes the Uniq Marketplace and Ultra Wallet and will continue to expand with many other services such as an esports application, Ultra Arena. Each is powered by the Ultra Token ($UOS), which offers fast transaction times and zero fees on Ultra’s purpose-built Layer 1 blockchain. Web3 technology will enable developers and publishers to turn their game licence into a digital token which can be sold and resold on the marketplace, creating a new revenue stream for gaming companies and enabling players to truly own their games. Game developers and publishers can also create digital collectibles or Uniqs with which to reward their community, or integrate into their games and sell them as digital assets on the Uniq Marketplace.

Players who join Ultra Games will create an account with a familiar web2-style signup process and automatically receive their own custodial Ultra Wallet, allowing them to purchase games with either credit and debit cards or $UOS crypto. Through Ultra Games’ referral system, players will receive a percentage of the sale when games are purchased by referred friends.

Ultra co-CEO Nicolas Gilot said, “The PC gaming distribution market is running out of steam and ripe for disruption. We believe there’s much room for improvement for both “traditional” PC games and emerging Web3 ones, and blockchain technology allows us to address critical issues such as high fees for developers and lack of true ownership for players. This is still only the beginning for us but, by addressing these issues, we want to help create more meaningful, more transparent relationships between communities. I can’t wait to see this vision start to come to fruition after five years of development and listening to the needs of developers and players.”

Microids strategic partnerships SVP Yves Bléhaut said, “We are delighted to be a part of the Ultra Games launch, offering our cherished titles to an enthusiastic gaming community. The Ultra Games store provides a distinctive opportunity for fans to explore and experience our games, and we can’t wait to witness what the future holds in partnership with Ultra.”

The Ultra Games store will be available globally from 25 April 2023.