Trinity Gaming India, a gaming content and marketing company with access to over 40 million gamers, has partnered with Everdome, a leading hyper-realistic metaverse giant, to build the first virtual Mars community. 

The company aims to develop and accelerate the Indian gaming community to transition from Web2 to Web3. With this partnership, Trinity Gaming will activate the Indian gaming community towards the metaverse phase. 

Trinity Gaming will gain access to real estate on the virtual Mars and allocate space to content creators, esports organisations, brands and companies. This will enable trade of the virtual assets and create more freedom in the (P2E) play-to-earn, Web3, Crypto and NFT gaming sectors to boost their immersive experiences. 

Trinity Gaming has collaborated with blockchain-based firm EmChain FZE towards this partnership. As part of the deal, Trinity Gaming and EmChain will train, mentor and provide revenue streams for approximately 40 million captive gamers and creators in the web3 and blockchain sector.  

EmChain will ensure the development and mentorship of the content creators to help them pick pace with the technical framework of the global gaming community. The content creators will be able to engage with their audience on a deeper level, attach and grow their brand within a premium quality metaverse setting, leverage the upcoming marketplace as a location for any in-world transaction, or simply create a virtual home.

Launched at the beginning of 2022, Everdome has swiftly built a community of 500,000+ supporters, circa 90,000+ unique wallets holding $DOME, the utility token. Along with a series of digital land auctions with 98 per cent sell-out and ten significant partnerships that concluded with an excellent trust score of 90/100.

Speaking on the development, Trinity Gaming founder and COO Shivam Rao said, “The Indian Gaming community in the Web3 environment is expanding in leaps and bounds. This development will provide Indian gaming content creators with a first-of-its-kind opportunity. Under the aegis of EmChain and Everdome’s expertise, we at Trinity Gaming strive to equip Indian game developers with globally recognized technical know-how to create a truly immersive gaming experience.” 

Everdome chief growth officer Artur Kaczmarczyk said, ‘’Everdome is all about making extraordinary metaverse experiences more widely accessible. Our partnership with EmChain and their network of content creators helps us in our mission to reach new audiences with our metaverse experience, not just in terms of a South Asian and Indian audience, but also a brand new direct engagement with a thriving gaming community.

I am delighted to join forces with EmChain as Everdome takes another step towards our goal of building a thriving, truly worldwide community of metaverse explorers.’’  

EmChain CEO Towqeer Gilkar said, “Metaverse and the gaming industry are a perfect match. The metaverse provides a new level of interactivity, community building and earning potential for gamers. In one go, it offers game developers a new platform to create and release more immersive and exciting games. The future of gaming is in the metaverse and the possibilities are endless.”  

In this hyper-realistic metaverse, content creators can use their land to build virtual boot camps. These can be a replica of their existing boot camp or something with their imagination that is impossible in real life. They can have streaming rooms, play areas, lounges, display areas, an art gallery, a common area, a theatre/screening room, production studios and so on inside the boot camp. They will invite their fans/other gaming creators and create content. 

Monetisation will be done through –

· Ticketing to enter the metaverse

· Buying creators NFT

· Brand collaborations in virtual space

· Playing games with fans

· Watching movies in virtual space

· Content shoots in the metaverse

· Playing esports

· Content IPs

· Fan Meetups 

Trinity Games is confident about the initiative that will shoot development and acceleration to help the Indian gaming community to transition from Web2 to Web3.