• January 9, 2023
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Riot Games and VALORANT today revealed Lotus, the game’s ninth map following Pearl’s release in June 2022.

Set in the Western Ghats of Omega Earth’s India, Lotus is inspired by traditional Indian stepwells, rock-cut architecture and Dravidian style structures.

A 3-site map like Haven, players can uncover a few new environmental mechanics such as rotating doors and destructible walls as they navigate this lost city.

Episode 6 Act I also introduces an all new Battlepass and ARAXYS skinline. Inspired by the celebrations taking place around the world during this time including New Years, Valentine’s Day, and Lunar New Year—the Battlepass will feature items like a 9 LIVES classic gun skin, where players will be able to form a full team of Agents as cats.

Other items in the Battlepass include a Shock Heart spray and Folded Wish gun buddy. The ARAXYS skinline brings players weapons of a mysterious, and possibly hostile, alien race. Technologically advanced beyond the knowledge of mankind, they conquered the stars nearly unrivaled with this arsenal, which have now become their legacy.

VALORANT Episode 6 Act I begins on 10January 2023.