With the creation of its new company, TBS Games, Tokyo Broadcasting System Television (TBS) has made a full-scale entry into the gaming sector.

TBS Holdings, which broadcasts a wide variety of sports, radio, news, and television shows across a vast network of channels, operates TBS Television, one of Japan’s top Tokyo-based broadcasters.

TBS Games has described its concept as, “Run, soar, let your free will guide you…Live another life in a brand-new world…Find friends worldwide and save the future…”

The company’s website stated its vision saying, “We will deliver the most impressive gaming experiences through consumer, mobile, PC, arcade, card, board games, and other gaming types to best suit our customers. As with other famous game characters, we aim to turn our original IPs into household names through the creation of games that enrich the lives of players everywhere.”

TBS noted that some of its shows, such as Sasuke Ninja Warrior and Saturday Night Chubaw!, have already been turned into video games, signaling it now wants to get more engaged in the process.