S8UL is the country’s first esports organisation to win globally at the coveted ‘Esports Awards 2022’ in the ‘Content Group of the Year’ category on Wednesday.

S8UL is the brainchild of the country’s esports industry veterans,  Mortal,  Thug and Lokesh Jain aka Goldy.  This triumph was a long-awaited one for the Indian esports community and winning against global sensations from the industry including the likes of 100 Thieves, FaZe Clan, OTK, G4TV, Tribo Gaules etc at a global esports recognition event, is a matter of great pride for S8UL and for Indian esports. This is bound to do good things for them, as well as for Indian esports globally in terms of recognition and respect.  

S8UL co-founder Lokesh “Goldy” Jain while reflecting on this momentous achievement said, “I talk a lot with fans, with creators and with everyone, but today I am speechless. The journey we have mapped together as a team seems like a blur and a vivid memory all at once. What looks like a winning moment, is actually made up of those 100s of little moments everyday, where we put in the hard work, miss special personal events, sacrifice sleep, go through lows, brainstorm, rise again and create, create, create content like we mean it. It’s such a moment, for all of us. Three cheers for the team!”

Since its very inception, S8UL has been the frontrunner of gaming content in India. They have challenged the status quo at every turn, and have leveraged social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Discord etc to bring together some of the best gaming content creators under a single umbrella, to create outstanding gaming content, watched everyday by millions of viewers. The high calibre of their esports talent which includes Mortal, Scout, Payal, Mamba, Rega, Krutika, Sidd, Kaashvi, and many more is evident from the various esports titles they have bagged over the years and the fandom they enjoy.

“Love us or really love us, but we are, as of 10:35 AM IST today, officially the “global content group of the year” and no one can take that away! So then, do dreams come true? As of now, I can proudly say that they can. We dreamt, we worked and clearly we’ve done something right, to be here today! And that’s all I ever wanted, for us to do a lot of small rights, winning the right to win big. This is the biggest motivation to take things only bigger from now on. 2023, here we come!” said S8UL co-founder Animesh “8bit Thug” Agarwal.

Alongside S8UL, their co-founder and the face of Indian gaming and esports Naman ‘Mortal’ Mathur was also nominated at the awards for the ‘Esports Personality of the Year’ category where the first place was bagged by Nadeshot, owner of 100Thieves; and the results for second and third positions are still awaited. He is also the only Indian Esports athlete to be nominated in the history of the global “Esports Awards”. In 2020 and 2021, Naman won second place for the Streamer of the Year for two consecutive years.

“If we have learnt anything today, it’s that a group of passionate people, sitting somewhere in a ‘developing’ country CAN create history. Words fail me as I see our dream as a dream team come true. Seeing us being celebrated by the global esports community, it’s a real feeling. It’s really time to pause, reflect and feel happy. But we also have one eye on the future and we hope to break all records. Thanks to the fans who watch us everyday and motivate us to show up with great content, Thanks to the brands who have worked with us as a content group, but most of all, thanks to the creators who work hard all day everyday, this is our moment in the sun!” said S8UL co-founder Naman “Mortal” Mathura.

Dedicated to showcasing top-class performance and innovation, the Esports Awards recognises excellence in Esports and ensures that success and achievement in esports is celebrated globally. The 2022 edition of the awards was hosted in Las Vegas where prominent names from the Esports community all over the world were in attendance.

S8UL have recently unveiled their Pokemon Unite and PUBG: New State rosters and aims to dominate India’s Esports space with top-notch athletes competing in multiple Esports titles.