Singapore-based gaming company Ampverse is all set for the grand finale of College Rivals at Nesco, Mumbai on 3 March. Renowned esports personalities such as Naman Mathur (Mortal), Payal Dhare (PayalGaming), Tanmay Singh (ScoutOP), Aniket Sood (Kinganbru), Prishita Nair (MintyGal), Paras Singh (ParasOfficial), Jimesh Parmar (Jimmy Gaming) and Neha Gupta (Naira Gaming) will be part of the grand finale. They will be joined by notable music artists Seedhe Maut composed of Siddhant Sharma and Abhijay Negi, Gaurav Pal aka Muhfaad, and Garv Taneja aka Char Diwari.

Speaking about the fusion of the LAN finale with music, Ampverse country head Ashwin Haryani said, “This convergence of India’s leading gamers and music sensations marks a significant stride towards innovation and reflects our commitment to reshaping the esports landscape in the country. By providing fans with the opportunity to interact with their gaming idols and savour the musical performances of distinguished artists, we aspire to craft an immersive experience that resonates with not only gaming enthusiasts but with everyone attending the event.”

The ultimate showdown of College Rivals will feature 28 finalists who have emerged from a competitive pool of 92,000 participants hailing from colleges across the country who will compete individually across six titles on three different platforms including BGMI, Road to Valor, Valorant, Tekken 7, and FIFA 23

“I am thrilled to be a part of College Rivals’ grand finale, where the next generation of India’s Esports talent will emerge. This initiative serves as a pivotal stepping stone for aspiring gamers, offering them a comprehensive roadmap for a career in esports—a path that was not as clearly defined when I began my journey in gaming. Through this platform, I hope to see gamers seize the opportunity and showcase their prowess on the big stage,” said Mortal.

According to data from Deloitte’s Digital Media Trends Fall Pulse Survey, 42 per cent of GenZ gamers listened to music other than gaming ones while playing, 34 per cent heard music in a game and then looked it up online to stream or buy, 22 per cent of the sample size shared music recommendations while gaming with other online gamers, and 11 per cent had shown the trend of attending live music concerts inside a gaming world venue. 

“As artists, we are constantly inspired by creativity and passion, something that exists in plenty within the esports community. It is an exciting opportunity to perform at this event that is pushing the boundaries by merging the talents of music and gaming together. We eagerly await to witness the exciting gaming action between these aspiring gamers and wish them the best of luck,” commented Muhfaad.

This deep connection between music and gaming will be brought to life by the one-of-a-kind experiential event which will also include arcade gaming zones, cosplay competition, racing simulators, food and beverage counters, chill lounges, and much more.