Metaverse and gaming technology company OneVerse has acquired the online poker platform PokerSaint. This is the fourth acquisition of OneVerse, which believes that Poker Saint brings valuable assets and a loyal user base to its ecosystem.

“This acquisition fits perfectly with our strategic vision and growth objectives,” stated OneVerse Gaming CEO Paul Micheal. “PokerSaint’s pioneering gaming strategies and fair market position make them an ideal addition to OneVerse Gaming as we seek to expand our player base and boost shareholder value over the long term.”

PokerSaint founder Kshitij Anilkumar stated, “Joining forces with OneVerse marks a significant milestone in our journey. This partnership will enhance our ability to innovate and expand, bringing unparalleled experiences to our users. With OneVerse’s resources and our deep understanding of the poker community, we are set to revolutionise the online poker industry.”

Anilkumar added that the integration of PokerSaint’s practices with OneVerse’s technological framework can elevate the online gaming experience, offering player-centric poker games and services. The combined entity will focus on expanding its market reach and engaging with diverse gaming communities, setting new benchmarks in the industry.