Everdome, the hyper-realistic metaverse platform, and Web3 technology company OKX today announced the expansion of their collaboration through the technical build of the pioneering OKX collective metaverse. The partnership brings exclusive new content featuring OKX football ambassadors to the platform, leveraging OKX’s strong ties to the sport to create unique fan experiences.

The OKX Collective is a virtual metaverse environment that allows fans to experience Web3 first-hand and gain access to content, experiences and rewards from football ambassadors.

The experiences are designed to combine global sport with a completely new metaverse landscape, introducing football fans to a digital adventure that will bring them closer to the OKX ambassadors and their passions.

Together with OKX, Everdome has built the following OKX collective metaverse football fan experiences:

  • April 2023 – OKX Collective content with football ambassadors, centred on training and decision making
  • 4 May 2023 – A musical collaboration with an exclusive DJ Set in the OKX Collective Metaverse
  • 15 May 2023 – An exclusive NFT trainer exhibition in OKX Collective Metaverse

The experiences are integrated into the larger OKX collective metaverse, where each of the OKX football ambassadors has their own space, along with content linked to their interests that football fans and OKX followers can exclusively experience.

Everdome is the creator of a metaverse experience focusing on uniquely hyper-realistic production values and immersive digital adventure. Within this new metaverse landscape in collaboration with OKX, football fans, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, NFT collectors and OKX followers will be able to enter competitions to win exciting prizes, including passes to team training, match tickets and much more.

Everdome chief growth officer Artur Kaczmarczyk said, “Our partnership with OKX continues to grow from strength to strength, contributing to Everdome becoming an increasingly more in-depth and excitingly complex experience for all. We’re building more than just a metaverse community – we’re pushing boundaries and changing perceptions of what the connected world of Web3 can be.’’

OKX global chief marketing officer Haider Rafique said, “When we struck our Manchester City partnership we did so with one mission firmly in mind—to work together to supercharge the fan experience. OKX’s partnership with Everdome is helping us accomplish this by engaging fans, letting them interact with their favourite players and giving them access to exclusive player-created items. This is our Better Future: Game On promise, but now we are living it.”

Everdome and OKX first partnered in 2022 and created unique cultural programming and innovative experiences in the metaverse.