• February 7, 2024
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Season 2 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Warzone are set to deliver a drop of content, including four new Core 6v6 maps, a new War map, a new Zombies mission, the return of Resurgence Map Fortune’s Keep, plus Ranked Play for Multiplayer and Warzone, and a new BlackCell offering.

Players can prepare to battle the horde when The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes headlines the Battle Pass along with Kate Laswell, and play as Michonne via a new Store offering.

Content that players can look forward to in Season 2:

Modern Warfare III Multiplayer:

A massive Multiplayer map offering; four new Core 6v6 maps arrive across Season 2, including three new 6v6 maps and a fan-favourite remaster.

  • Two map variants: Ready for Hordepoint and the Vortex Mid-Season Playlist, explore two otherworldly-themed map variants based on Skidrow and Terminal.
  • New War map: Assault a downtown Urzikstan skyscraper from the skies. Welcome to Operation Tin Man.
  • Six game modes: Bring home a win in team gun game; quick scope your way to victory in Snipers Only; enjoy the return of Hordepoint and Bounty; and battle rival Juggernauts in the Juggermosh pit!
  • Season two ranked play: Claim the ranked play rewards you unlocked in Season one, then continue the grind with a full season and all-new rewards to earn.
  • New Ninja Vest: Favoring those knives only? Equip the Ninja Vest for silent running, as well as a bonus knife and throwing star ammo.


  • Resurgence Refocused: A new area of operations has opened: Fortune’s keep. Now that the remains of a massive explosion have torn the island apart, it’s up to you to sweep the area for threats, both human and undead!
  • Welcome Back to Fortune’s Keep: How has the island changed? We detail each of the 11 initial Points of Interest and the considerable changes contained within.
  • New gameplay features: A wealth of new gameplay features are coming to fortunes keep, including a limited-time contract to eradicate zombie nests, zombie power-ups, extendable bridges, and a new score tracker detailing your squad wipe streaks.
  • Call of Duty: Warzone Ranked Resurgence: Ranked play arrives in fortune’s keep, with the same fundamentals, and uses the resurgence rules for the first time. Expect a stack of impressive rewards for your grind, and BR ranked play to come later in the year.

Modern Warfare III Zombies:

  • The Dark Aether Story Act Continues: Operation Deadbolt Strike Teams are tasked to confront a new anomaly in the exclusion zone.
  • Enter the Second Rift: Face down the largest infested stronghold you’ve encountered as you enter a new and terrifying rift.
  • New Challenges and Schematics: Unlock prestige levels to acquire zombie challenges and gather three new Schematics to aid your progress.

Warlord Keres: An elusive chemical warfare specialist, Keres has set up some impressive defences at the Killhouse in the Orlov Military Base. Prepare effectively before attempting to take her out.

Across all modes:

  • Weapons Detail: Season 2 continues the weapons drop with four new Base Weapons to utilise: the BP50 AR, RAM-9 SMG, SOA Subverter BR, and Soulrender melee sword.
  • Getting Attached: Seven Aftermarket Parts are yours to unlock, including the JAK Limb Ripper underbarrel chainsaw, perfect for sinking into zombie flesh.
  • Become the Undead Elite with BlackCell: Purchase and obtain exclusive access to a special cadre of undead Operator Skins, led by the skeletal John Doe: All are resplendent in dripping gold with a glowing ethereal purple hue!
  • Rick Grimes and Kate Laswell Headline the Season 2 Battle Pass: Purchase the Season 2 Battle Pass and instantly unlock Rick Grimes from AMC’s The Walking Dead’s and Station Chief Kate Laswell.
  • New Store Offerings: Play as Michonne from AMC’s The Walking Dead, Let ’em Cook with a new CDL Pack and celebrate Black History Month on 8 February with a gift pack featuring cultural inspirations designed by our team.
  • New Challenges, Events, and Progression: Learn all about the Weekly Challenges and Season 2 Events, starting with exclusive undead rewards as the Horde Hunt gets underway, and check out the Prestige rewards as you grind your way to Level 450.