The modern era of technology provides humankind with great benefits and conveniences. Various tech creations make our life easier, smarter, faster, and more practical. In the meanwhile, one can find many cases when the use of tech inventions is harmful to humans. Perhaps they are simply used inappropriately or overused. One of such issues is playing video games.

Children and teens are prone to playing video game for many hours in a row. They don’t want or cannot stop because they get merely obsessed with this process. They find it cool and cannot confess that they spend heaps of precious time playing it. This leads to various mental issues. Nonetheless, we should not forget about physical consequences as well. They are really dangerous and if they develop into severe conditions, physical problems may remain with a person for the rest of his or her life. Our guest post highlights the horrible consequences for all kids who play video games too often.

Playing video game causes problems with weight

One of the main physical problems faced by kids with addiction to video games is excess weight. It happens as a result of low physical activity. When you play a video game, you surely have to sit in one position. You commonly move your hands and neck. In the meanwhile, gamers commonly eat whatever food they can find. Commonly, it is junk food, which is unhealthy and makes you put on weight. It can potentially pass into severe obesity. This is a problem that can negatively reflect on your back and muscles that are not used to carrying that much weight. There are also severe consequences that appear as a result of excess weight. For example, it may trigger:

● Heart attack

● Cancer

● Diabetes

● Liver and kidney ailments

You should agree that the health effects of too much gaming highlighted in this list are more than severe. They can threaten the life of a person. Nonetheless, only a few people can trace the main trigger back to when it all started.

Playing video games leads to muscle degradation

Problems with your muscles are among the most overlooked negative effects of gaming. We have just mentioned that the physical activity of gamers drops. Thus, their muscles stop working regularly. It leads to muscle degradation, which is a severe disease.

Problems with eyes come when you play video games for too long

We guess you realise that the impact of video games on your eyes is undoubtedly crucial. Many scientists and doctors claim that the so-called blue screen spoils our eyesight when we look at it for too long.

Some folks have worsened their eyesight because of constant gaming. There are also cases when it led to the permanent loss of sight. These consequences are acute and can hardly be called positive effects of gaming.

Effect of video games: Unhealthy Digestive Functions

Oftentimes, one disease a person has triggers the development of others. This is a common medical condition. You should know that the impact of video games can likewise trigger various consequences of different ailments. What do we mean? Do you remember our first warning? It was about obesity. The habit of consuming junk food leads to overeating and creates unhealthy eating habits. Even when a person is offered the chance to eat healthy food, he or she may refuse it because of the constant habit of eating something unhealthy. It may lead to severe eating disorders and problems with other systems in the body.

For example, it may negatively impact your heart, liver, or kidneys. This effect of video games should be taken into account as well. Otherwise, a learner can suffer because of various diseases and pains. Some of them may be life-threatening. You will hardly become an effective essay writer or a smart learner if you have an addiction to video games.

What about psychological impact of playing video game?

We’d like to finish our review with a few mental issues that are commonly faced by the majority

of gamers:

● Problems with socialising

● A loss of reality

● Low interest in other activities

● Problems with learning

● Strong addiction

As you can see, these issues are serious as well. They must be considered in combination with physical problems. Overplaying must be stopped!

The bottom line on the impact of video games

Playing video games is a popular activity of the modern generation. It is unstoppable and you should never try to cut your children from games entirely and for good. It will bring only confrontation into your relations. Nonetheless, you need to find the right ways to explain to your child that too much gaming leads to severe consequences. If you lack good examples, simply read our article or give it to your kid. Our examples are really convincing. You can also visit other informative sites to provide more evidence on this crucial matter.