With the successful stories of campus connect programs in different colleges since November 2022, Chemin Esports is all set to come up with their campus connect program at IIM Kashipur ‘AGNITRAYA’ from 27January to 29 January 2023 for all enthusiastic esports aspirants. In association with FEAI, Chemin Esports is working towards the path-breaking initiative to spread awareness about the growing popularity and demand of the esports industry among the younger generation of the population.

The initiative started after the association with the Federation of Electronic Sports Association of India (FEAI), when Chemin Esports started tournament series around reputed Indian colleges and universities in India to make enthusiastic and dedicated gaming community aware about the growing demand of esports industry as well as can be a preferred and secured career option. The mission is all about to spread the word about the progressive future of the esports community in India and global both.

The campus connect programs in association with FEAI will lead to a more robust and faster development of esports in India. With the current outreach of FEAI and the active user base of Chemin Esports of almost 1 lakh+ esports players globally, this program series will help both the organisations to nurture the aspiring esports talent who can become top esports athletes in India. All participating players will be registered as officially recognised sports players with the FEAI.

Chemin Esports, in association with FEAI, will be hosting the program ‘AGNITRAYA’ in IIM Kashipur and there will be a ‘Free to play’ gaming zone for the participants as well as students attending the event. Along with the gaming zone, there will be an esports awareness camp at the event.

 Chemin Esports director Ishan Verma, said, “We are happy with the response and love that has been received from all for these programs. We have never imagined that this first ever initiative can be a huge success in one go. But, it’s all happening and happy to be a part of this association with FEAI and a mission to make esports community in India and at a global level both. We believe that, our aim to cover more than 100 colleges by the end of 2023, will be fulfilled.”

Kumaon Garwal esports association director Manu Pant, said, “The FEAI collegiate programs are the foundation for recognising talent in the esports industry. I am pleased with how the industry is developing. Now is the perfect time for all esports enthusiasts to participate, perform and showcase their skills to carve out a successful career in this field.”

The other upcoming programs will be scheduled till the month of April 2023 at different colleges and universities across different regions such as Jammu & Kashmir, Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Nagaland, and all other states of India.

To become a part of the program, all the participants need to register themselves on FEAI’s website and they can then take part in the three-day tournament. Winners will be recognised as esports athletes by FEAI and other participants will receive a participation certificate by the end of the program. Along with the certificate, participants will get access to the FEAI roster of events throughout the calendar year. Not only this, but participants will also get a chance to be a part of the academy and train under the guidance of international coaches.