• November 16, 2022
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On the occasion of Children’s Day, Baazi Games has associated with the initiative ‘Project the Power of Periods’ to promote menstrual health and hygiene amongst adolescent girls in India. The continuation of the campaign comes with the objective to be a part of touching the lives of 200 million women in India who are unaware about safe, sustainable, and menstrual health practices.

The campaign addresses two major concerns of ‘lack of awareness’ and ‘lack of sanitary material’ surrounding sustainable menstrual hygiene in India. The mission is to spread awareness about simple and sustainable practices to maintain menstrual hygiene.

As a part of this initiative, reusable/eco-friendly sanitary pads, school bags and stationary items were donated to over 200 girls from the sixth grade of Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya School in Saket to empower the girls on taking charge of their lives and menstrual health into their own hands. On the sidelines of the program, an educating and engaging session was organised to combat the myth and taboo around periods, how to tackle them along with imparting the girls with the knowledge of making the right decisions about menstrual health and hygiene.

The initiative aims to educate young girls on periods and sustainable menstrual practices that can easily be adopted to make this world a plastic free and environment friendly planet to live in. Project the Power of Periods strongly believes in the saying “Preach what you Practice” and hopes to move the needle of adopting environment friendly menstrual habits among women in India through unique ways and approaches.