Gala Games’ blockchain-based gaming platform, recently unveiled its 2023 goals. According to a report released on 29January, the platform’s goals for this year are to maintain support for the larger gaming ecosystem, transition to mobile, and gain market share. Its strategy is based on four main pillars: sharing updates, dominating mobile, protecting utility, and remaining visible.

Gala Games has continued to establish beneficial alliances over the months, even in 2022 when gaming activity decreased because of a protracted bear market that saw crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum drop by more than half from their 2021 heights.

Gala Games is allocating more than $300 million to assist initiatives in the gaming ecosystem in order to expand on this foundation. Half of this sum has already been deployed by the platform.

They disclosed to Newsbtc that they continue to collaborate with a number of companies, including Gamedia, Artic 7, and Shiver Entertainment. Gala Games collaborates with their own in-house game creators in addition to working with outside game developers. The platform then informed the community that it would be relaunching Town Star in conjunction with The Walking Dead Empires. In the same spirit, a number of video games will debut in 2023 and 2024.

Gala Games noted that they anticipate other IP owners, like PokeGo and AMC, to join their expanding ecosystem. On 23January, Gala Titles announced that it has acquired Ember Entertainment and its selection of more than 15 games. Since their release, these games have been downloaded more than 20 million times together.

They will make web3 games like Meow Match and Aqua Blast available to players as part of their aspirations to transition to mobile. Meow Match will be the first game to incorporate a monetization approach, according to Gala Games. Gala Games’ long-term strategy has been to pursue this. In doing so, they claimed they hope to maintain the high quality that the more than 2.8 billion mobile gamers demand while letting users control their digital assets.