KOP KILLER 22XX is now available on Steam Early Access. Morningstar Game Studio’s Matt Bitner created KOP KILLER 22XX alongside new developer Dr. Shameless Cat as a response to ever-increasing police brutality. 

The Early Access version of the game features a thrilling Arcade Mode that pits players against hordes of fascist KOPs. As early access progresses, the devs intend to gradually release the three acts of a carefully-crafted Story Mode.

In the grim 23rd-century future of KOP KILLER 22XX, vile oligarchs lord over the Americas from KAPITAL, a floating fortress-city. They control the populace with KAPITAL OPERATIVES, brutal thugs better known as KOPs. You play the KOP KILLER, a humble miner turned cyborg killing machine through human experimentation. After being arrested and sold to the highest bidder, a mysterious accident interrupts the prison overseers before they take full control of your mind. Now you must dole out your own brand of justice against the KOPs.

Behind a retro aesthetic and side-scroller perspective is gameplay you can’t find anywhere else. KOP KILLER 22XX grants the player a robust move set with more than 260 frames of animation. Climb ladders and ledges, leap from walls, shoot in eight directions, and execute a variety of melee attacks from any vantage. Advanced enemy AI controls hordes of KOPs that equally leverage the environment to hunt you down. Punch, kick, and shoot your way through endless hordes of fascist foes.

The initial Early Access release will feature a thrilling arcade mode:

  • Experience white-knuckle arcade action in procedurally generated arenas.

  • Battle over a dozen AI enemy types that jump, climb, and fly to hunt you down.

  • Collect loads of power-ups to customize your build as you advance.

  • Recruit AI comrades with unique abilities to join your fight against KAPITAL.

  • Compete globally and with your friends on Steam Leaderboards.

As early access progresses, the developers will add chapters of KOP KILLER’s carefully crafted story mode. Filled with engaging platforming and compelling narrative, story mode will offer a fully fleshed-out adventure. Battle bosses, make friends and foes, and discover KAPITAL’s secrets.

KOP KILLER 22XX is available now for Windows and Linux (Steam Deck compatible). At launch, the game will be priced at $2.99, with a 33per cent launch discount until 14March. As development continues and the game’s content expands, the game’s price will likewise increase.