Indian esports organisation Revenant Esports has introduced two international players to its Valorant roster—Severine from Indonesia and Dos9 from Kazakhstan.

The decision to add these players came before the upcoming Valorant Challengers South Asia Split 1. Recently, the organisation welcomed back Kasif “Paradox” Sayyed to its lineup.

Severine, a 31-year-old professional, who had earlier retired has made a has made a comeback to compete for the title with a wealth of experience. He boasts a first-place finish at the Valorant Challengers Indonesia 2023 Split 2 and a third to fourth place at the VCT 2023 Pacific Ascension.

On competing professionally again, Severine said, “It feels good to be back playing competitively again. With this opportunity, I aim to return to Ascension once more with Revenant Esports and vie for a franchise slot this year. Revenant is assembling an impressive roster, and I can’t wait to contend for the title with this formidable lineup.”

Dos9 has been an active player since 2021. According to Revenant, his inclusion adds a layer of complexity to its organisation’s Valorant roster.

Dos9 shared his enthusiasm stating, “I’m very glad to have one more chance to prove myself in VCL. My goal is to showcase the highest team and individual level over the next two splits. Firstly, qualifying for Ascension is the target, and then giving our all to secure victory. I’m thrilled to do it with Revenant Esports, one of the best teams in the region.”

In addition to these signings, Revenant Esports will soon unveil two more players.