Xsolla has announced a new way to help developers reach a larger audience worldwide by connecting to more players through the cloud and offering a new pay-as-you-go model. Reaffirming its belief in the future of cloud technologies, Xsolla is powering its Cloud Gaming solution to help developers aggregate multiple technologies and streaming vendors with fewer steps and less time to help improve the speed to market for its partners.

As the video game industry has grown over the past several years, so have the cloud-based technologies that help businesses operate. Xsolla plans to integrate the pre-built tools with local vendors and leverage the Xsolla global infrastructure to help create branded online experiences where players can play on any device. Xsolla believes that by bringing more games to the cloud, the integration costs and time to launch games will continue to decrease.

“At Xsolla, we’re excited about the potential opportunities of cloud gaming. Our vision is to make gaming more widely available, to get games into the hands of more players, make them more accessible to anyone, anytime, and anywhere through the cloud. We are committed to supporting developers. We make it easier for them to reach their audience by bringing together the streaming technology behind their games and giving them the power to create immersive branded online experiences for players worldwide,” said Xsolla president Chris Hewish.

With the launch of the Cloud Gaming solution, Xsolla will also help increase the availability of cloud-based games to players around the globe and provide them with the ability to pay as they go for their gaming experiences. Players can now demo games online previously unavailable to them in their region and only pay for the time they played the game. Developers will gain crucial insights into user behavior and revenue projections to aid in future game builds and updates for their players. With the cloud experience, everyone can win and enjoy the game.

Xsolla is evolving the cloud gaming experience for the industry to significantly improve the experience for developers and players around the world. Developers can see a demo of this solution at the 2023 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on 21March to 24March.