Luminosity Gaming has won the Pokemon Unite World Championship 2023. The two-day competition’s team won all the matches as well as a US$100K prize money. The company entered this scenario in March of this year by acquiring 2022 world championship winning squad.

On 11 August, 28 teams competed in the Group Stage in an effort to qualify for to the next round. A total of 20 teams were eliminated from the World Championship, with the Top 8 teams moving on to the Playoffs. However, a portion of the prize money has been distributed to the top 16 teams out of a total of 28 teams.

By defeating Orangutan in their opening game, Luminosity Gaming maintained their momentum advancing into the playoffs. In the Upper Bracket Semifinals, the North American team defeated OMO Abyssinian. They qualified to the Bo5 Grand Finals by extending their winning streak over Oyasumi Mauro in the Upper Bracket Final.

In the Grand Finals, Luminosity and OMO Abyssinian once more competed. The North American team defeated their opponent by 3-0. The Filipino team, on the other hand, lost steam and was unable to win any of the last rounds.

In the 2023 Pokemon Unite World Championship, well-known teams like RRQ, Noun Esports, Secret Ship, Orangutan, and Team S8UL were also participated.