The Asva Streamer Showdown presented by Atirath and powered by JioGames has concluded. Throughout the tournament, 16 creators engaged in battles for the title of The Ultimate Conqueror.

Emerging triumphant from this clash of wits and strategy is 7N Panther. Hitman Gaming and ShoutPlays, secured second and third place, respectively.

Asva is a war strategy game based on the medieval world of empires, territorial expansion, and strategic warfare. The game is rooted in Indian mythology, history and culture. According to the makers, apart from battles, players actively influence historical events through real-time strategic decision-making.

The Showdown was live-streamed on YouTube and JioGames Watch. Viewers participated in chat discussions and cheered for their favourite participants in the streams.

The Asva Streamer Showdown is proof of the power of collaboration and innovation,” said Jio user engagement and communication lead Trupti Latur. “Our partnership with Atirath and JioGames has allowed us to create an unforgettable experience that not only entertains but also fosters a sense of community within the gaming world.”