Emerging victorious in the coveted Indian qualifiers, Indian esports organisation S8UL delivered remarkable performances against renowned esports outfits and secured their coveted spot in the global finals of the Pokemon Unite World Championships 2023.

Led by skipper Manmohan Singh (S8UL AllMight), alongside Deep Patel (S8UL • Snowyy), Rudra Narayan Nayak (S8UL • Rex), Adnan Badshah (S8UL.Badshah), and Rahul Lavhate (S8UL • Kyurem), the team exhibited dominant gameplay throughout the tournament, ultimately claiming the prize money of US $15,000.

Now poised to compete on the grand stage, S8UL will face off against the world’s most formidable teams at the championships, slated to take place in Yokohama, Japan. This highly anticipated tournament boasts an impressive prize pool of US $500,000.

8bit Creatives and S8ul Esports founder and CEO Animesh Agarwal aka 8bit Thug said, “We take immense pride in S8UL’s exceptional performance during the India qualifiers, showcasing their resilience by bouncing back from an initial defeat and emerging victorious in all subsequent games. This accomplishment truly embodies our vision of attaining excellence in the title, as the Indian esports community witnesses substantial growth within the Pokemon Unite realm. Each team member deserves recognition for their unwavering dedication to mastering the game. We eagerly await the global finals where S8UL will face off against the world’s best.”

S8UL’s five-man roster defeated Gods Reign in the semifinals with a close score of 2-1. They continued their remarkable run, triumphing over FS Esports in the grand final with a commanding 2-0 victory.

Commenting on the team’s achievement, team captain Singh expressed his honour in representing India at the World Championships. Through tireless analysis of tactics, formulation of new strategies, and pushing the boundaries of their gameplay, they capitalised on the opportunity to dominate the best teams from India, he said. “S8UL carries the hopes of the nation on its shoulders and strives to make the gaming community proud. Japan, here we come,” he stated.

The Pokemon Unite World Championship 2023 will feature a total of 32 teams from around the world, with the winning team securing US $100,000 in prize money.