India’s Gamitronics has collaborated with ARC, an advocate for sustainability education. This collaboration aims to shape the future of education and sustainability through their project, ARCade Island on Gamitronics’s Partynite Metaverse. ARCade Island, set within PartyNite, is a virtual platform that merges entertainment with education.

As per both the companies, this virtual island is designed to promote sustainability by offering interactive activities and games, all built around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations.

The ARCade island comprises three main areas:

  1. Learning Area: A space where students can engage with educational content through videos, readings, and interactive resources, allowing a deeper understanding of sustainability.
  2. Networking Area: Here, students can connect with their peers to collaborate on tasks and projects related to sustainability, fostering teamwork and a sense of community.
  3. Activity Area: Packed with activities, tasks, projects, interactivities, games, and more, this area keeps students engaged and motivated to take actions that contribute to a more sustainable future. Being part of metaverse, every activity is social and driven by the community with a singular focus.

This experience is integrated with ARC’s published books. The students will be able to access ARC’s print material directly from the Partynite Metaverse platform.

Gamitronics CEO Rajat Ojha said, “The creation of ARCade Island represents a huge shift in how we approach education, sustainability, and interactive learning, especially at the school level. This innovative project holds the promise of not only enhancing the educational landscape but also inspiring future generations to become champions of sustainability. Together, we are building a digital world where learning is fun, collaborative, and has a lasting impact. This further establishes our narrative in favour of using metaverse for empathetic, collaborative and in a fun way.” 

ARC founder Anit Gupta shared, “This partnership will create a unique world for future generations. ARC currently has a wealth of content in print format. Digitising all of it and building engaging games around it will create a whole new world for our students. We have a huge network of students because of many schools who are currently using our books as a part of their regular curriculum. ARCade Island will bolster the learning process by adding a call to action and sustainability is a subject that has to transformed into habits, so action is the cornerstone of our curriculum.”

Soon, PartyNite will collaborate with schools to enable students to use their school IDs in order to regulate access and content for minors. For others, KYC measures will be implemented to verify user identities. The companies have said that stringent measures will be in place to ensure age-appropriate and globally compliant content.

The project is set to go live in phases, with the first phase scheduled for release in October. The Global Sustainability Awards event on 16 October in Delhi will serve as a platform to showcase the metaverse to school leaders. Parents and teachers will receive detailed performance analyses along with leaderboards, scoreboards and achievements of each student to track their progress.