India is the biggest consumer of mobile games. The market is vast and open to innovations and experiments. The Indian esports market has seen constant growth in the last decade. It is, without any doubt, one of the fast-growing industries. Naturally, players are anticipating the upcoming trends. These competitions have been around since the late 1900s. However, they went through considerable changes. esports in India even received TV network slots, and achievements were recorded in 2022. 

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Given all the positive outcomes, there’s a broad population of skilled gamers in India keen to follow the upcoming esports trends. Let’s see the trends that will be the future of esports. 

What will be the latest trends of 2023?

Metaverse and the Future of esports

Metaverse is mainly a virtual reality network that encompasses various social viewpoints like online gaming, AR (Augmented Reality), social media, and so on. Its function is mainly to assist users with digital objects. This modernization is already set up. However, there’s this place for improvement that will happen over time. It is expected that esports games will shortly shift from physical venues to online platforms. As a result, viewers or the live audience who watched the game in person or on TV may be able to catch up with the events in a virtual reality space and get to have almost the same experience.

Shift to Mid-Core Games

Players who initially found their interest in casual games are found to shift to mid-core games. As gamers get more invested in esports, they are found to be interested in more challenging games. Gamers need to keep up with their competitive attitude, and they must compete with each other to balance what is easy to learn but not easy to master. The in-game competition thrives on this.

Growth of Women-Centric Games

It is globally acknowledged that gaming isn’t man-centric anymore. As per studies, around 40% of gamers in the United States are women, and there’s no stopping. Prediction suggests a further rise in women gamers, and Asian countries are likely to see growth in women gamers. Game developers have been studying these recent trends critically, and they expect a rise in women-centric games in the upcoming years. A few already have women leaders, such as Tomb Raider, etc.

Creation of Independent Games

Independent games are those video games that are made by individuals or developers who are new, with no monetary or technological help from any distributor. There’s growth in the production of such games, and it is expected to see further development as some platforms allow people to make gaming programs and play various games created by others. The young audience is mainly the target of such media; However, it is getting known and famous among adults too. The platforms are user-friendly and provide metaverse facilities.

2023: A big year for esports

2023 is going to be a big year for esports. With the upcoming anticipated trends, the industry is expected to thrive and grow further. With virtual reality and various innovative outlooks toward esports, it is not too much of an exaggeration to see esports take over traditional sports as time passes.