A new Persona 5 mobile spin-off game is being released by Atlus. For fans’ enjoyment, the official website has revealed information about the mysterious video game, including the title, platform, Persona 5-like visuals, some of the key characters, settings, and more.

Over two years following the initial announcement, Atlus and Perfect World Games appear to have chosen the ideal moment to make the Persona 5 spin-off game official for mobile devices.

The new game Persona 5: Phantom of the Night was first announced in 2021 and it was then known as Code Name X. The game is also called P5X for short and it is the first mobile game in this series. Given that it will be launched for mobile devices, it is only natural that it will draw a lot of inspiration from the setting, gameplay, and features of Persona 5. Even the website and promotional materials make extensive use of the red design elements from Persona 5.

Persona: Phantom of the Night is still being developed, and the first beta test will take place on 29 March. Given that Persona 5 is presently being tested in China, there is currently no information on whether international fans will be able to access the game during this period.