Loco, an independent esports and live streaming platform, has announced its partnership with Upthrust Esports for the Challengers Showdown. This collaboration aims to empower gamers of all backgrounds and promote inclusivity within the Indian esports community.

Set to captivate gaming enthusiasts from 20 June to 2 July, the Upthrust Esports Challengers Showdown, powered by Loco, will feature a prize pool of Rs 10,00,000. The teams participating in the 1000 open slots, will battle it out to occupy the four spots for qualifying teams in the semi-finals. Additionally, featuring 20 invited teams in the semi-finals, the Challengers Showdown guarantees an awe-inspiring display of talent, strategy, and passion. This 10-day tournament promises to be a thrilling showcase of the finest gaming talent, offering an unparalleled experience for participants and viewers alike.

What truly sets this event apart is Loco’s commitment to equal opportunities for players of all skill levels. With a remarkable 1000 open slots available, this tournament is a testament to the platform’s mission of empowering gamers everywhere. Whether you’re an aspiring newcomer or a seasoned pro, this is your chance to shine on the grand stage.

Loco users will be immersed in a truly unrivalled entertainment experience, enabling them to stream the event in real-time without any lag. Every heart-pounding moment of the Challengers Showdown will be brought to life.

Loco founder Ashwin Suresh said, “We are excited to host the Challengers Showdown on Loco. Our platform is dedicated to levelling the playing field and giving gamers, regardless of their background, an opportunity to showcase their skills. With Loco, the exhilaration of esports becomes an immersive and inclusive experience.”

Commenting on the partnership, Upthrust Esports founder Kartik Sabherwal said, “We are thrilled to announce Loco as our powered by and streaming partner for this event. Upthrust and Loco have had a long standing association over the years. This time our collaboration aims to bring unparalleled esports action not just for BGMI but for the whole gaming community, combining the expertise of both Upthrust and Loco to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience. We both will be working for the growth of esports in India together, collectively.”