PlayerzPot, a fantasy sports platform, announced that Mihir Sanchala has been promoted to the position of chief technology officer (CTO). For the last five years, he has played an important role in building the platforms’s technological framework and leading its talented and hardworking technology team as technology AVP.

In his new role as CTO, Sanchala will continue to drive innovation and enhance operational efficiency at PlayerzPot. He will analyse the cost factors associated with technology operations and identify opportunities to optimise expenditures while maintaining high standards of performance. He will incorporate his technical knowledge and a decade of experience into his new role as the company’s CTO as well as leading the team’s efforts towards the overall technological development and strategy to ensure that they will align with the company’s overall mission, vision and future goals.

PlayerzPot CEO Sunil Yadav said, “Mihir’s continuous contributions to the technology department have made him an invaluable asset, and we are delighted to promote him as our CTO. His profound technical expertise and skills have been instrumental in shaping our platform into a responsible super gaming app, offering a diverse range of games with a strong emphasis on safety and security features. With Mihir assuming the role of CTO, we have full confidence that he will play a pivotal role in strengthening our tech. We will further enhance our platform to realise our company’s core requirement of building robust tech, addressing the ever-changing technological landscape. Under his leadership, PlayerzPot will persistently innovate and provide unparalleled experiences to our users in coming years and also venture into unexplored territories of gaming technology.’’

Sanchala joined the company in 2018 and built the technology team from scratch. He introduced innovative changes, reducing the time to introduce new sports and achieving 3x company growth. Transitioning to native apps and optimising infrastructure during the pandemic further boosted revenue and expanded the user base to over five million.

Sanchala will spearhead partnerships and improve the company’s tech infrastructure. With a focus on optimisation, he’ll drive innovation, enhance user experience and foster cross-functional collaboration.

PlayerzPot’s technology department under Sanchala’s leadership envisions building a strong tech team capable of achieving higher concurrency, efficiency and quality. 

On his promotion, Sanchala said, “I am honoured to be promoted as chief technology officer at PlayerzPot. Over the last five years, I have had the privilege of working with an incredibly talented team, mentors, and seniors, who guided me throughout to do my best and come up with fruitful outcomes. I am excited to continue developing innovative technology solutions for our platform and to harness all of technology’s potential to present our users with a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.”