Good Gaming an innovative brand creating unique interactive entertainment experiences across the gaming segment since 2008, has signed a development partnership agreement with Meraki Studios B.V. to create new Minecraft and Roblox games as the Company looks into artificial intelligence (AI) technology integration to enhance engagement and monetisation for their interactive gaming experiences for players going into 2023.

With this new development partnership, Meraki Studios will bring its game design and development expertise to the Roblox platform, introducing new opportunities for exciting gameplay. Meraki’s expertise and passion for developing cutting-edge game designs, combined with the vast resources of the Roblox platform, promises to bring some of the most engaging and visually appealing gaming experiences to the Roblox platform.

 Meraki Studios B.V. CEO Dion Wichgers, stated, “We are thrilled to start this exciting new journey, expand our services beyond Minecraft into Roblox, and continue our journey there. With our talented team of developers and artists, we are eager to demonstrate our commitment to quality and bring our unique vision to the Roblox platform.”

In addition, the Company plans to explore the utilisation of AI technology in future games. Integrating AI technology in online games like Minecraft and Roblox can bring many benefits to the gaming experience. AI can enhance the player’s experience by providing more intelligent and interactive non-player characters, dynamic game environments that adapt to player choices, and personalised gameplay experiences based on player behavior and preferences. AI can also improve game performance by reducing lag and optimising gameplay while preventing cheating and fraud through its advanced algorithms. Additionally, AI can assist in moderating the game while creating a child-safe and more family-friendly environment for players to enjoy.

Good Gaming COO David Sterling, stated, “This new development partnership agreement is the first of a series of strategic agreements we have planned in 2023. We believe Meraki is our perfect partner as we continue developing innovative games for the Minecraft and Roblox platforms.We will also be looking at ways to leverage artificial intelligence to enhance our goals of being a differentiator in the gaming industry. Good Gaming sees tremendous potential for AI technology to achieve its goals of providing exciting and engaging gameplay for players through creativity, deeper platform integration, and more intense interactive experiences, while also creating a safe environment for players of all ages. AI technology will be the dominant driving force in the future of online gaming platforms such as Minecraft and Roblox. We intend to be on the forefront of integrating this technology into our gaming experiences to benefit player communities and our shareholders.”