• August 16, 2023
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Recently launched gaming platform Kratos Studios expands to Brazil with the aim to empower gamers globally.

The company has already taken concrete steps towards establishing in Brazil, handpicking a team of seasoned community builders and business developers. The company believes that this move will propel Kratos Studios towards quadrupling the overall community income generated on its platform. With this foray, the company aims to amplify the size of Kratos’ global gaming community as well as attract an influx of captivating games onto the platform. Also, this will propel Kratos Studios towards multiplying the value exchanged on its platform.

Kratos is co-founded by Nazara Technologies former CEO Manish Agarwal and Ishank Gupta, a distinguished Wharton alumnus who boasts a rich background in senior leadership roles within AB InBev and BCG.

The company recently raised Rs 160 crore at a valuation of Rs 1200 crore for their new gaming venture and the acquisition of IndiGG DAO. The seed round was led by Accel, with participation from investors including Prosus Ventures, Courtside Ventures, Nexus Venture Partners, Nazara and others. The company provided income opportunities for 150,000 gamers amounting to Rs 5 crore within a span of six months. With access to 8.21 lakh gamer communities in South Asia, Kratos Studios, will aim to expand internationally, starting with Brazil. The gaming venture has witnessed a surge, skyrocketing from 380,000 gamers in January 2023 to 821,000 by July 2023. With this move, the company envisions seamlessly connecting curated gamers from Brazil with Kratos’s 147 esteemed partner game studios hailing from South Korea, Japan, USA, Europe and Southeast Asia.

The company’s founder Agarwal said, “Our mission is inherently simple, to unlock avenues for gamers to monetise their time and expertise, while also granting them ownership over their valuable data. Given Brazil’s vibrant gaming population, reverence for local gaming heroes, and its status as a burgeoning market, our expansion aligns seamlessly with our overarching ethos.”

The company’s approach empowers top community members to generate an average income of Rs 40,000 per month.