Tezos India has announced that Liminal, has successfully completed integration with the Tezos blockchain. The prime objective behind this integration is to allow investors a highly secure and efficient DeFi service experience on Tezos. The in-house developers’ team at Tezos India has, of late, worked hand-in-hand with the Liminal team to make this integration a reality, providing support on everything starting from parsing and indexing blockchain data, to generating appropriate transactions, MPC signatures, smart contracts etc. and injecting them into the Tezos blockchain and so on.

Going forward, this integration will enable both Tezos and Liminal to dedicatedly work towards making digital assets like cryptocurrencies/tokens and so on safer and more rewarding for individuals and businesses without compromising in terms of security and ownership.The development comes at a time when the recent FTX debacle and other safety-related concerns and incidents have shaken up the crypto and blockchain industry across the globe. Amidst ongoing security concerns regarding wallets in the market, Tezos India aims to lead by example by onboarding Liminal, who is working on building a secure and sound wallet infrastructure.

With the DeFi transaction volumes on the Tezos ecosystem growing massively and rapidly, Tezos India is striving to ensure that institutional investors along with HNI retail investors can make digital asset investments in the Tezos ecosystem safely. According to established crypto ethos, self-custody has always been the best practice to store tokens/funds. And this is exactly where the latest Liminal integration will help users in achieving that with more customizable opportunities on top of it such as compliance support, multi-party support and more.

Tezos India head of growth Amanjot Malhotra said, “We are delighted to have partnered with Liminal. The partnership helps both companies move closer to achieving their shared objectives of making digital assets secure and effective.”

Furthermore, Liminal senior vice president of strategy and operations Manan Vora, commented, “We are elated to announce this flagship partnership program for the Tezos ecosystem. We are confident that this program will help secure the projects building on Tezos. It will also ensure that users and Web3 builders have full autonomy over their digital assets.”