Indian gaming company Global Esports (GE) has onboarded Dr. Michelle Pain as the official sports psychologist for its newly formed BGMI team (Battlegrounds Mobile India).

Dr Pain will facilitate mental training sessions for the GE players as they prepare for BGIS 2024 (Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2024). Her role is centred on cultivating a positive mindset among esports players, helping them navigate the challenges of competitive gaming.

Dr. Pain is a seasoned private practitioner in sports psychology working in traditional sports, who has served her tenure as a tertiary lecturer at Monash University, Victoria University, and Deakin University. She is also known for developing innovative and accessible resources tailored for athletes and coaches, such as the acclaimed Pocket Psychology series. She has also authored an eBook Sport Psychology Tools for Every Coach and Athlete that encapsulates her wealth of practical insights and knowledge. She also conducts educational workshops for coaches at all levels, empowering them with strategies to optimise athlete performance. 

Global Esports CEO and founder Dr Rushindra Sinha said, “Dr Michelle Pain’s innovative approach to addressing players’ psychological needs aligns perfectly with our vision to continuously innovate and empower our athletes and grow as professional players. Her invaluable guidance and rich experience will equip our players with the focus, resilience, and emotional balance needed to become the best version of themselves as they embark on this BGIS journey.” 

With a career spanning over three decades, Dr Pain brings expertise in empowering elite athletes and coaches across diverse sports organisations to optimise mental resilience and achieve peak performance levels. She aims to assist players in coping with stress, mind fitness training, making sound decisions under pressure, improving communication, and regulating emotions to elevate their overall performance on the global stage.